Workation by the sea – a proven productivity boost


Exchange the city streets to a beach, hop off blazing hot pavements and into that shiny sand, let the conditioner rest and catch a real breeze! This message invited teams and individuals for a workation in Klaipeda – the seaport of Lithuania. The official Workation Klaipeda‘19 season has ended but the organizers are questioning if the initiative should be seasonal.

„Klaipeda has always been attractive for travellers. This Summer season was the first time that multiple stakeholders joined forces to create the best program for the residents, but workation is not a new thing in Klaipeda. Yet, we can really celebrate such a successful collaboration of 4 co-working spaces, the city municipality and the city development agency Klaipeda ID – the Workation Klaipeda’19 program attracted more than 200 young professionals, “- explains Simas Simanauskas, the director of Klaipėda ID.

Attracted freelancers as well as teams

During the Summer season, more than 200 residents experienced the energy, comfort and beauty of Klaipeda. Freelancers found the program to be a great opportunity to build new contacts, make friends, find time for their individual and professional development or even start working on the new initiatives – all that while living by the sea.

In the words of an animation artist Pijus Balkaitis, „Klaipeda is perfect for finding time to work on one’s creativity and individual projects“.

Teams that joined the Workation Klaipeda’19 program quickly experienced that even daily work in Klaipeda is different. The relaxed pace of life helps concentrate on the key tasks, work more productively and have more time to enjoy life.

As shared by the partner at the digital agency „Choco Agency“ Tomas Nemura, Klaipeda was a great place to make the best of the week dedicated to the team workation:   

„This summer we extended our team workation from a couple days to a full week and chose The Light House co-working space in Klaipeda for that. We are amazed how much we managed to comfortably fit in one week: the daily work projects, several creative team sessions, a paddleboard class, more than 100 km on bicycles, a walking tour around the city with a great guide, night canoe experience, numerous gastronomic experiences and loads of great memories. “

The team of Choco Agency

Can Klaipeda be attractive off-season?

„It seems like we are unnecessarily limiting ourselves by thinking that workations are only attractive in the Summer season, “– says Egle Songailiene, the Klaipeda ID Marketing Project Manager.

Many locals would agree that Klaipeda can be even more attractive off-season. The stronger winds bring all the water sports fans to the sea and the long walks on a windy day have a certain romance to them.

Klaipėda off season © Windigo

A finance consultant Simas Baranauskas came to Klaipeda after a 10-year break and found it to be a great place to escape from a daily routine in any weather. In Simas‘ words:

„If you choose to come to Klaipeda, stay here for longer than just a couple days. First, the change takes you out of the comfort zone and the feeling is rather strange. Yet, when you stay longer, you start finding new things about yourself. I was doing my usual tasks here in Klaipeda, but I felt like I have changed my job. Everything was different. We ended up breaking our sales record during the workation. I cannot claim that the record was a direct result of the workation but changing the environment did really have an impact. I went to the beach every second day and quickly learned that the sea is great not just on a sunny day – the wind and rain bring amazing waves. “

Time to plan „Workation Klaipėda'20“

Workation Klaipeda will definitely continue. The organizing partners are already working on the program that would attract even more participants all year round. The program was started with an assumption that workation in Klaipeda would only be attractive in the Summer. Yet, experience shows that Klaipeda is great for short workation escapes in any weather.

„Here in the Light House co-working space workation is a never-ending project. The only difference we see is that the Fall attracts more foreigners to stay in Klaipeda for a longer period of time. And, no, the weather does not seem to be a problem for them. Currently, we have a resident from Australia, who says he enjoys the unpredictability of the weather and the changing seasons. Meanwhile, another resident who came all the way from the Caribbean, says that Klaipeda rain is nothing compared to the tsunami in the Caribbean “, - shares Laura Telksniene, the „Light House“ Communications Project Manager.

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