The growing infrastructure for SSCs in Klaipėda – a new office building


Klaipėda continues on its journey of strengthening the service sector in the city by attracting talents, creating incentives and adding new high-end office buildings to the market. A new modern A+ class building featuring smart architecture solutions and modern technologies has been added to the real estate map of the city and is open for businesses.

The new building in Dubysos street © Autobrava Motors

Klaipėda ID interviewed the Project Manager of JSC “Ratuva“ about the new modern building, its benefits and the motivation of the company to strengthen their business of real estate development.

The name of the group of companies you represent has long been associated with transportation services. Yet, we met to talk about a new office building. How does this real estate object relate to your core business?

The company you are talking about, The Griciaus’ Transport Company was established back in 1991. Since then we have been continuously expanding. Currently, in addition to the transport and logistics business, we have pallet and biofuel production businesses as well as a real estate business, which includes the new office building. The land on Dubysos street belonged to JSC Ratuva since the very beginning of the company. For a long time, the site was used as a parking lot. Understandably, such a parking lot was not adding to the aesthetics of this central city location. We understood that this plot of land could create more value for us and the city. A thorough real estate market research clearly showed that the city lacked high-end office buildings. And so today we are meeting in a new modern office building in Klaipėda.

So, tell us how is this building different?

Our key goal when building this office building was to make it modern, attractive to the businesses and fully customizable to the needs of every tenant. I believe we have succeeded. The building is fully autonomous, except for the water supply coming from the city. The entire building is designed so that during the Summer no additional source of power is needed – solar panels produce both electricity and heating, while the air to air system controls ventilation.

The building has the highest currently possible energy efficiency class – the A+ energy class. We are also very proud of the special windows installed in all the building. The windows have a 37% sun protection: turning the sun protection on allows to prevent the building from the heat on a hot summer day. In such a way we save the energy required for cooling the offices. And in Winter, these windows protect against heat loss and improve indoor comfort.

Customers can manage their premises remotely: they can turn the heating off during the night and turn it back on, let’s say, an hour before the workday starts. This adds to the comforts of the office but also saves energy and leads to reduced costs.

What type of premises can be rented in this building today?

Differently from standard office rental properties available we do not have small office spaces for rent. At the moment, the second and third floors are available for rent. The size of these premises is 250 m2, 280 m2 and 350 m2. There is a possibility to combine several spaces or lease an entire floor. You can design all the spaces according to your individual needs: meeting rooms, lounges, an executive office, private offices, a kitchen – transform your square meters into anything that meets your needs.

There are plenty of parking spaces reserved for the tenants and their guests. In addition to that, we have built additional 24 places for the neighbour residents.

EV charging station in the parking lot

At Klaipėda ID we work continuously to further develop the service sector in Klaipėda. How do you see this real estate object contributing to the development of this important sector in Klaipėda?

This office building is built with service centres in mind. We feel a special interest in the building comes from the service companies. Our modern office spaces are exactly what service centres are looking for in Klaipėda. We have 3 Internet service providers in the building to choose from and the server to ensure seamless connectivity and great internet speed.

Should larger premises be needed, the company can lease the entire floor and completely isolate it from the rest of the building. When we designed this facility, we tried thinking of all rental options someone could need. In case you come up with something we have not considered – most probably we can do that as well.

At the moment, the total available space is 1400 m2 and the single floor area is 900 m2. Anyone interested can find more information about the building here.

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