The greenest Shared Service Centre in Klaipėda


In the world of shipping, where weight, size and all other imaginable factors constrain people into a predetermined box – Greencarrier bursts out with a flexible mind-set and a promise to the market – “Yes, it’s possible!“ Being one of the largest privately-owned companies in the Nordic region and offering personalised global logistics solutions to their clients, Greencarrier focuses on doing it the green way.

Greencarrier SSC in Klaipėda is the company whose employees care for the environment perhaps the most and enjoy working in Greencarrier so much, that loyalty is at the highest level. Interestingly enough 26% of SCC’s employees came back from abroad or moved to Klaipėda so they could work in a city closer to nature, with little to none congestion, friendlier people and broader career possibilities.

Greencarrier office in Klaipėda / © Donatas Vaičiulis

A glimpse into history

In 2013 Greencarrier Group established a Shared Service Centre (SSC) in Klaipėda. The foundation for the SSC was laid in advance, as Greencarrier already had an office here. With the help and advice of colleagues who knew the city through and through the set up was straightforward.

“Klaipeda’s long history as a transportation hub in connection to its established maritime university gave us the confidence we needed to establish a Shared Service Centre in the city. Also, the fight for talent is less intense in Klaipėda than in the Baltic capitals, ensuring better odds for recruiting and retaining good staff,”- states Svante Johansson, CFO of Greencarrier Group.

Today Klaipėda’s SSC provides cost and time effective full financial and centralized logistics operational services (various documentation processes, rail and ocean LCL consolidation, freight rates management, import/export and invoicing processes) to its clients located in the Nordic countries and the Baltics.

The SSC in Lithuania is also developing innovative solutions:

“We are the first ones in Greencarrier that have a pilot Robotic Process Automation (RPA) project. It is used for booking of incoming payments. In addition to the RPA project, we have started to implement electronic invoice handling solutions for our Greencarrier Linear Agency offices in Klaipeda and Riga. And training will be provided by the SSC, as we have gathered a lot of knowledge in these processes over the years,” – says Lina Varapnickė, Team Leader at Liner Agency Finance in Klaipėda.

Team Leaders in Greencarrier SSC - Mantas Lukšys, Paulius Mongaudas, Lina Varapnickė / © Donatas Vaičiulis

It’s all about the people

Today Greencarrier SSC is successfully operating for 7 years and has grown to 54 people. Most of the employees here are already working for more than a couple of years and are fully settled in for the long run. The moment one enters Greencarrier office it’s hard to overlook the diplomas, encouraging phrases and posters on the walls with a slogan – “Yes! It’s possible.” And it is true – people working here have become the ones who don’t see a difference between a big or a small challenge – they see hurdles that can be conquered, obstacles that can be overcome. All is possible with strong, value orientated teammates who will always assist when in need.

And when talking about values, the whole internal environment of the Klaipėda SSC is based on commitment, involvement, humour and joy.

“Greencarrier has a unique mindset and strong values that are encouraged to be used by every employee. With joy being one of them, the company strives to deliver. Entertainment ranges from table football, team building activities like “Summer days”, celebrating the SSC birthday, to smaller, but still important after hours Uno or Allias games with sushi, pica and colleagues to be yet rivalled,” – adds L. Varapnickė.

Greencarrier office in Klaipėda / © Donatas Vaičiulis

Team spirit, positive mindset and values are so important that during the recruitment process those are the determining factors in the evaluation. In addition, when they are looking for new employees, they always let them meet the team they would be working with. During these “unofficial” interviews the team can ask questions and get to know better their future colleagues.

Overall, Greencarrier SSC is very satisfied with head-hunting talents and recruitment process in Klaipėda. They efficiently find suitable people and are happy, that for some - Greencarrier is the first workplace ever. They even have students coming in for internships and staying full time afterwards. It’s due to collaboration with education institutions, like KVK, SMK and LAJM, with plans to reach out to other universities in Klaipėda as well.

“At Greencarrier we aim to employ the best people and be the best workplace. Our ambition is to be the most attractive employer in our industry,” – Stefan Björk, the owner and founder of Greencarrier Group. “Together we shape the company and our culture, which is the foundation for our success.”

The unique Greencarrier spirit

The values that employees wholeheartedly believe go deeper into other aspects of the company too. Sustainability, for example, is Greencarrier group’s greatest responsibility and number one priority. It encourages always to have long-term goals in mind, to take actions in the most sustainable way possible.

The green philosophy doesn’t end merely at words but is incorporated into the daily practice of doing business, how the company treats the employees, how they see themselves as a corporate citizen and what impact is done to the environment. Naming a few, Greencarrier puts aside 1% of the yearly profit into the “Greencarrier Spirit fund”. The collected capital is then used to finance projects within corporate social responsibility. Klaipėda team is very involved with the fund and initiates such actions as: “„Run of Hope“ (“Vilties bėgimas”), “Day of pies” (“Pyragų diena”), bought furniture for “Women crisis centre”, gifts for elderly at the nursing home, food for a dog shelter and etc.

© Greencarrier

Another initiative – Green Office – targets to reduce the environmental footprint in Klaipėda’s office. It constantly strives for improvements in: energy consumption, waste and recycling, travelling and purchasing habits, food and beverage source sustainability and general green behaviour. For example, due to employee proposition, paper recycling boxes were implemented. Thus, last year about 5 trees worth of paper was saved in this office alone.

The Green Office initiative is perpetually pushing towards green growth in every aspect of life. Not only for the obvious global benefits, but also for stronger brand credibility. For a stronger effect, the company created an environmental training programme, where a selected member from each country trains to become a Green ambassador.

Greencarrier office in Klaipėda / © Donatas Vaičiulis

During the years Greencarrier SSC has proved themselves as a skilful service provider with an expert talent pool. Nowadays Klaipėda SSC is seen as a business partner that helps other companies in Greencarrier Group focus on their main activities. But the greatest asset and a fundamental success formula that provides a stable development over time are the right people for the right job.

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