Pack up the 8 to 5 – your new summer office awaits!


Start Mondays differently! – on May 20th freelancers and service sector professionals celebrated the start of “Workation Klaipėda‘19“ program. Gathered at the beach laptop-armed participants were invited for a surfing lesson and had an opportunity to start the morning with a lung-full of fresh seaside air. It was a perfect work-life balance combination and the reaction was unanimous – it is amazing and it works!

Stay a week, a month or even the entire summer season – “Workation Klaipėda‘19” invites professionals from the whole country to exchange their concrete jungle office for a beach vibe filled adventure in the port city of Klaipėda. It is a unique, vacation-laced work opportunity to shake up the status quo, to enjoy the change of scenery while letting it inspire both you and the rest of the office team.

“Tired of wasting the summer in the hot office while dreaming of a beach holiday? Exchange the city streets to a beach, hop off blazing hot pavements and into that shiny sand, let the conditioner rest and catch a real breeze. Work 5 minutes away from vacation in one of the 4 exceptional co-working spaces in Klaipėda” – said Julija Taškūnaitė, Klaipėda ID marketing manager opening “Workation Klaipėda‘19“.

For quite some time now, during the sunny season, Klaipėda has attracted specialists from all kind of fields, but only starting May 20th a full-fledged service package was introduced fulfilling companies and freelancers individual needs. Klaipėda city development agency Klaipėda ID together with Klaipėda municipality and 4 exceptional co-working spaces provided a range of comfortable work and leisure offers for anyone interested in the thought of settling here, even for a little while. One can choose the ideal space fulfilling their needs from these hubs: Culture Factory, Light House Co-working and Co-living, Klaipėda Science and Technology Park and Qtime IT Hub.

After the first days in Klaipėda, it is hard not to notice the calming surroundings that help a ton with concentration, leading to a more efficient workflow, leaving one with precious time to relax or to explore leisure activities the city has to offer.

The opportunity to immerse into the business and science community in Klaipėda is a path connecting people and inspiring a fresh look into ideas. We strongly believe that those who value a high standard quality of living and are in search of a work-life balance will surely appreciate Klaipėda's benefits. And who knows – maybe they will decide to start their life here!” - said Roma Stubrienė, the director of Klaipėda Science and Technology Park.

“Workation Klaipėda‘19“ program comes bundled with trips in and around the city accompanied by a guide. Staying for the time desired is a breeze. In cooperation with major hotels, the programme offers sizable discounts both for solo participants or the whole office floor endeavour.

The goal is to showcase Klaipėda in all its potential so that those who came for a short experience stayed for a lifetime adventure. Come and fall in love with the city – everyone else already has!

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