In august, Klaipėda LNG terminal regasified 1.4 times more gas than was consumed in the entire country


The year 2019 at the liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminal in Klaipėda controlled by KN is highly efficient - during the first eight months of this year, a total of 10.2 TWh, or 70 percent more gas was regasified and reloaded than during the same period last year. In August, the volume of regasification at the LNG terminal significantly exceeded the targets set by the Company at the beginning of the year.
In August alone, 1.5 TWh of LNG was regasified, 136% more than during the last August. This amount is 1.4 times higher than the total consumption in Lithuania. During the eighth month of this year 1 large and 5 small LNG carriers came to the LNG terminal. Majority of LNG (88%) was delivered from a gas liquefaction plant in Norway.
“Not only the impressive scope of operations but also the 100th ship-to-ship LNG transhipment operation that took place in Klaipėda on the last day of August proves that the model of operation of the LNG terminal based on third-party access, chosen by Lithuania, is sound. During almost five years of operation of the terminal, KN has succeeded in expanding the operation of the LNG terminal, providing not only LNG import and regasification services, but also LNG re-export services. Gas was also supplied to the LNG reloading station, which was opened at the end of 2017. Because of it, we provide a wide range of small-scale LNG reloading services, as well as supply the Klaipėda Oil Terminal with cheaper imported gas through the LNG terminal. It is important that diversification of operations and attraction of new terminal users from neighbouring countries not only opens up the possibility for gas consumers from Baltic countries to make optimal use of the cheaper gas period, but also optimizes the operational costs of the LNG terminal, thus allowing our domestic gas consumers to pay less for the maintenance of the Terminal,” emphasizes Arūnas Molis, Head of Klaipėda LNG Service of KN.
Back in July, the users of the LNG terminal had booked the terminal’s capacity till the end this year. It is planned that a similar volume of operations will be maintained at the Klaipeda LNG terminal during the upcoming months as the users of the terminal actively booking the capacity of the terminal for the winter period.
It is planned that 6 LNG carriers will arrive at Klaipėda LNG terminal in September - 3 small carriers and the same number of large (conventional) carriers. Among them is the LNG carrier Stena Clear Sky, which will arrive to Klaipėda for the first time in mid-September.
The regasification services provided by Klaipėda LNG terminal are utilised by UAB “Lietuvos Energijos Tiekimas” (UAB “Ignitis” as of September 9), AB “Achema”, UAB “Imlitex”, and at the end of September, the first cargo of “Eesti Energia” will reach Klaipėda.


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