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Exadel - an international software development and digital solutions company is growing steadily and expanding in Klaipėda and other Lithuanian cities. The enterprise is hiring 6 to 10 new employees every week worldwide and at least 15 new employees a year in Lithuania. The branch office in Lithuania – Exadel LT – which has a professional team of more than 50 IT developers, is constantly on a lookout for talented professionals in Lithuania. The company works exclusively with foreign markets and thus may not be widely known in Lithuania. For that reason, we invited Dmitrij Bereščanskis, the CEO of Exadel LT for a talk about the company, its plans and possibilities for talents in Klaipėda.

Dmitrij Bereščanskis, the SEO of Exadel LT and Fima Katz, the president of Exadel, Inc. © Exadel

Exadel LT opened its first premises in Vilnius. The Klaipėda office was opened a bit later. What led the company to the decision to open the Klaipėda office?

The main driving force behind this move was the employees themselves – people wanting to move back to their hometown Klaipėda. Capitalizing on the opportunity, we initiated this expansion in Lithuania and set up the Klaipėda office. When we came to Klaipėda to choose the premises, we were pleasantly surprised – the suggested office was in a great location, well equipped, and the rent was much more attractive compared to Vilnius. This was a huge advantage as we were able to retain our employees with a total lower cost. That is how the Klaipėda office was started.

What was the size of the team, which started at Klaipėda?

Initially, Klaipėda team consisted of only three people. Two of them moved from Vilnius. Now we have 9 IT developers in our team and are intensively looking for new specialists. Building a solid team is becoming a challenge in many cities, but here in Klaipėda, a relationship with Klaipeda University grants us access to both recent graduates and trainees.

Currently we are looking for Java and JavaScript developers at various proficiency levels, business analysts, designers, etc. At the moment, more than 19 job positions are open.

In businesses like yours, employees work in project teams and the projects can last up to several years. Do you find any challenges in forming these teams here in Lithuania?

The team selection is an inherently complex but important task undertaken by the human resource (HR) department. We have an internal database that stores information about every employee - their capabilities and strengths. This way, each time a new project comes up, HR carefully selects people based on the characteristics of the team needed for the task. As a result, most of our teams are international. When we need to form a new project team, we usually have 60 - 100 employees available in the database throughout Exadel Inc. In an unlikely event when no suitable candidates are found, it is possible to reallocate the specialists that are already working on an on-going project where they are close to closing their task.

On rare occasions where we have little to no time to form the team, we have a pre-formed team of highly capable specialists from other projects, who can start on any new endeavour anytime they are required. Usually, these are advanced programmers whose tasks are coming to an end or their level is higher than the technical requirements of an existing project.

The competition for IT talents is now quite fierce. Why do your employees choose Exadel? There are two main reasons. First, Exadel offers a very competitive salary. Second – we offer a dynamic job rhythm and an opportunity to work with distinct projects.

Another clear benefit is that Exadel offers a possibility to relocate across the Atlantic with the whole family, including the long-term US business trips.

When it comes to Klaipėda many of our employees choose the location because of the city. The city is a key factor, family, quality of life.

Attracting talented employees is one challenge, retaining them is often even more complicated. Do you face that in your operations in Lithuania?

No, not really. We value and respect our employees. We make sure our employees have the best opportunities to grow as specialists and individuals and so we do have very loyal employees. It is no secret that Exadel pays a higher salary than the Lithuanian average, provides excellent social guarantees, invests in the hobbies of its employees and offers a flexible work schedule. We also try to consider the wishes of our employees when they’re planning their vacation. We create the conditions for longer, uninterrupted holidays that programmers at other companies probably can't always have.

Looking into the near future, what are the plans of Exadel LT? Anything you can share with our readers?

We are constantly on the lookout for new possibilities. A quite recent endeavour is to enter the European market. Also, we are looking into several European projects, but nothing set in stone, yet.

In terms of expansion here in Lithuania, we have a clear goal to expand our team here in Klaipėda. We are always interested in cities like Klaipėda that provide us with clear growth potential.

Exadel employees tell the story the best – why Klaipėda?

Stanislav Kozyrev, senior software engineer told his story of how he joined the Klaipėda office.

“Originally, my family moved to Klaipėda from Russia in the 90s. I worked in IT, so I decided to move to Vilnius in 2007 as, back then, there were more career opportunities. Eventually I got a job offer abroad and moved to the Netherlands in 2009. When longing for home was too much to bear, I started visiting Klaipėda more and more often. While thinking about my next career step, I decided to invest in my education, which I did by successfully graduating from Klaipėda University in 2013.  When my wife and I started thinking about having children, Klaipėda was a natural choice. With our families nearby, a pleasant climate, the sea with sandy beaches, being close to regional transportation hubs and still enjoying the small size of the city – we had everything we wanted. The last piece of the puzzle – a much shorter commute to work - fell into place when I joined Exadel which just had opened an office in Klaipėda a few years ago. Fast forward to today and I couldn’t be happier that we decided to come back to Klaipėda.”

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