Exadel: developing software solutions in Klaipėda


When US-based American software engineering company Exadel was choosing a location for its large-scale expansion in 2014 there were several promising locations in Poland, Belarus, Germany and Canada. But after thorough evaluation and encouragement from local public authorities, taking in consideration the accessibility, suitable infrastructure, development in IT and attractive office spaces Exadel chose Lithuania, at first setting its roots in Vilnius and later on - in Klaipėda as well.

Strategic positioning

Exadel’s office in Klaipėda opened its doors in the summer of 2015. According to Dmitrijus Bereščanskis, the Managing Director of Exadel Lithuania, one of the important criteria during the location scouting was to find a favourable environment for businesses and a wealth of IT specialists available.

“We started operations in Vilnius because of the well-established infrastructure and a bigger talent pool. But shortly we noticed, that many good programmers from Klaipėda are working in Vilnius only because they can’t find a proper company in their hometown. Lithuanian IT talents were willing to relocate from Vilnius to Klaipėda, which influenced the decision to open the Shared Service Centre (SSC) in Klaipėda,” – explained D. Bereščanskis.

The first steps were slow though because the name “Exadel” wasn’t well known at the time. Klaipėda’s office started with just a few employees, who relocated from Vilnius. Today, Klaipėda SSC has expanded to a team of 9 specialists, is constantly growing and looking to add up to 10 skilled developers. In collaboration with the recruiting agency and using media channels, the company is expecting to attract and hire the required specialists soon. The ambition is to create a strong team in Lithuania, so more projects would be implemented from here.

“In 2016 Exadel LT got a grant for three years from EU structures fund to train 90 employees with the purpose to improve their qualification,” – added D. Bereščanskis.

As a result, Exadel started focusing on training young specialists. Therefore, aclose relationship with Klaipėda University and Klaipėda State University of Applied Sciences was established. Students are not only invited for internships and possible future employment but are also given a referral if needed.

Software engineering solutions

Exadel has proven skills across a range of advanced technologies, including mobile platforms, user interface tools, databases, SOA frameworks, programming languages, cloud providers, and middleware. The company specializes in building customized mission-critical high-quality web-based business applications for a multitude of large and mid-sized customers from various industries. Exadel’s list of clients includes such market giants as Bank of America, Deloitte, Billtrust, McKesson, HP, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS, Google, Hitachi, Samsung, eBay, and RedHat.

The company focuses on two main areas: custom technology solutions to assist customers in achieving their business goals and, a cloud-based platform for enterprise mobilization. is used by more than 500,000 developers globally and makes creating hybrid mobile apps, web apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) simple in a low-code environment.

The security of clients’ sensitive data is in trusted hands - in 2016, the company successfully passed an audit to be certified for its information security management system (ISMS) and received the formal ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certificate.

Services in Klaipėda

Exadel SSC in Klaipėda offers full-cycle custom software development to different industries such as financial services, retail, healthcare, media & entertainment as well as software and high-tech, mainly serving the North American market while providing staff augmentation services.

In addition, despite other offices in the USA, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Russia and Uzbekistan this legal entity in Lithuania provides benefits for serving EU customers locally.

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