Coming back to find the work-life balance


Finding and attracting talents has been an intense race between the cities in Europe for quite some time now. Being 5th biggest city in the Baltics, yet small enough to live a compact life in – Klaipėda is winning the hearts of talented people searching for a balanced place for both work and life.

Klaipėda ID interviewed five Greencarrier SSC employees, who for some period of time in their lives have been exploring their opportunities and catching their dreams in other cities. What were their reasons behind the decision to come back to Klaipėda? How do they feel now and what they currently think about their hometown?

Greencarrier SSC office in Klaipėda © Donatas Vaičiulis

Why Klaipėda?

Greta Salimovaitė, Human Resource Generalist at Greencarrier SSC, who graduated university in England and has lived thereafter for 5 years, eventually decided to come back to Vilnius first and later to Klaipėda.

“London was too crowded and too busy for me. Though I liked the possibility to always meet new people, experience other cultures, try new cuisines and have a lot of events to choose from, there was always a looming pressure to achieve better, make more money, buy better clothes and so on. Eventually, in London, you can live in one of the two ways – either you work a lot and don’t have time to spend the money you earn, or you have a lot of time but don't have enough money. Whilst in Klaipėda you can have both,” – stated the reasons G. Salimovaitė.

Antanas Tkačenko, Coordinator of Procedures at Greencarrier, had a similar experience in Burton upon Trent.

“In such a busy city, people are always on the run. As if they are trying to outrace time itself. But there is always not enough. Not to mention, long commuting hours leaving barely any time for fun evening activities. Comparing Burton to Klaipėda, the latter is definitely a slower-paced city, which in fact I really enjoy. I prefer Klaipėda’s nature and Baltic Sea coastline, therefore I feel a strong pull back when away for a longer time,” – revealed A.Tkačenko.

The Team Leader at Liner Agency Finance Lina Varapnickė named other reasons for coming back to Klaipėda. “There is no place like home and for me home is Klaipėda. I feel happy being able to be close to my family. Also, Lithuania – has the culture I know, but most of all I like the people in Klaipėda. They have some kind of vibe that no other city residents have and I just love being here surrounded by them, living and working with them. Almost every person I meet in Klaipėda feels so familiar. I am really enjoying that besides all other obvious advantages that Klaipėda has over other cities, like convenient location and of course - the sea.”

Other two Greencarrier SSC employees Paulius Mongaudas, Team Leader of Operations, and Edita Jurkaitytė, the Accountant, have also mentioned the longing of home and missing the family and friends as some of the main reasons influencing the decision choosing Klaipėda.

From left to right: Edita, Lina, Paulius, Greta, Antanas

Career opportunities

When considering a place to settle, people tend to evaluate not only the emotional level of liking the city but also the career opportunities. Therefore professionals, who are switching cities and has a bustling career somewhere else are on the hunt for high-level employers and international companies. No doubt, service centres like Greencarrier create value for Klaipėda attracting talents from other cities and offering great international career opportunities.

“There are some positions at Greencarrier that we got candidates only from Vilnius. Usually, these people used to live in one of the Western region towns and after trying big city life, either didn’t like some aspects of it or are longing for their families and friends, therefore are in search for a high-quality job in Klaipėda. To tell the truth, at Greencarrier SSC we don’t really have a hard time finding the right people for the job,” – says G. Salimovaitė.

Greencarrier SSC office in Klaipėda © Donatas Vaičiulis 

“Indeed, the opportunity to work in an international company is one of the reasons why I feel fully satisfied living in Klaipėda,” – adds L. Varapnickė. “For example, Greencarrier, for me personally ticked all the boxes as the company I wanted to work in Lithuania after coming back from the UK. It was an international company offering a finance management position and a chance to use the English language daily. Today I feel happy seeing that other international companies are interested to settle here and provide job opportunities with an ability to unleash young individuals’ full potential without going to Vilnius or Kaunas and staying here, where their home is.”

A. Tkačenko seconds his colleague sharing his excitement to find a company in Klaipėda where he can pursue a career in the shipping industry, finance department and be able to adapt the knowledge acquired during the studies in Lithuanian Maritime Academy.

“In my opinion, Klaipėda is missing more places like shared service centres, like Greencarrier, especially related to the financial field to inspire young people to have a good career in Klaipėda as well. This gap in Klaipėda city is a gold nugget for investors searching for new places to invest,” – shares his insights A. Tkačenko.

Enjoying work-life balance

It is no surprise that all interviewees are feeling the work-life balance living in Klaipėda, for a couple of years already Klaipėda has been recognized as No. 1 city for quality of life in Lithuania. In fact, great city’s infrastructure and convenient location liberate people from traffic and let them appreciate their life spending time doing activities they enjoy the most.

“The best part is – if you need a short getaway, you can go to Lithuanian capital for a weekend and come back after, feeling happy that Klaipėda is your home,” – says A. Tkačenko.

P. Mongaudas adds to that “Greencarrier offers many possibilities for employees like flexible work schedule, shorter working hours on Fridays, and few other advantages that make work-life balance effortless. I don’t think that in any other city I could have a possibility to have a very quick lunch and go to “Trynyčiai” Pond to have a short wakeboarding session.”


Greencarrier SSC office in Klaipėda © Donatas Vaičiulis

The current tendency – talents drifting in search of the best possible career options is no doubt true. Even though Klaipėda is affected by that as much as other cities, Klaipėda’s growing potential already attracts talents from the whole Lithuania. It is just a matter of time until another big market player will decide to exploit the unsaturated market to set its roots here and boost the massive homecoming.

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