Klaipėda is the EU's most profitable port, offering deep-water, ice-free port services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year round. 14 large-scale stevedoring, shipbuilding and repair companies operate in the port, and more that 800 different companies carry out work related to the port. Directly and indirectly, the port's activities are reponsible for around 185,000 jobs and it creates an estimated 6% of Lithuania's total GDP. This importance to the regional and national economy mean every effort is being made to constantly improve and develop the port. For example, in 2018, a new port master plan will be presented which will include major development projects.

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102 km
The length of the port's railways
24.7 km
The total length of the quays of the port
66 000 t
Frozen cargo storage Capacity
933 700 t
Bulk cargo storage Capacity
99 380 m²
Covered warehouses for General cargo area
749,000 m³
Volume of liquid cargo tanks
1 045 879 m²
Area of ​​open storage areas
557.2 ha
Land area of ​​the port
884.9 ha
Port water area

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