Klaipėda Economy - 2018 in Review

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Another great year for Klaipėda economy, where some areas have outgrown the other we can take some notes and align our goals and courses of action to make sure Klaipėda is on the 2030 pace.  With new developments at the Port and FEZ showing its competitiveness globally, we‘re entering another hopeful year for Klaipėda

In general, Klaipėda followed the general national trend in declining population, increasing unemployment, growing GDP and GDP per capita, increasing salaries as well as FDI. Nevertheless, Klaipėda, in the year of 2018, was distinct by having lowest unemployment in the country, most GDP and FDI per capita growth and a highest growth in people employed in Information and Communication sector. All the factors combined and considered, Klaipėda was the best performing municipality in the country in 2018. Regarding investment attractiveness, Klaipėda still offers lowest rent costs in Lithuania and one of the most competitive labour costs in CEE region. Throughout the year, there were significant events that moved Klaipėda forward, towards it’s 2030 strategy. See full report for details.

Looking for a business location that bridges East and West? A city with one of the most profitable ice-free port in the EU, linking Scandinavia, the EU, the CIS and China. It’s time to discover Klaipėda. 

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