Klaipeda’s growing community of startups is attracting teams from other Lithuanian cities and abroad. Together they are building a strong, creative hub for innovators and unicorns. Start-ups from outside Lithuania can now take advantage of the recently introduced Lithuanian Startup Visa, which helps ensure an easy set-up and soft landing for teams looking to change the market with fresh ideas.

More about the starter ecosystem in Lithuania can be found here:

Companies in this sector

16 th
globally for ease of starting a business*
*Doing Business 2018, World Bank
1st in
the region to introduce a Start Up Visa in 2017 that speeds up and simplifies the process for non-EU residents to start a business in Lithuania
days to start a new business*
*Center of Registers, 2014
broadband speed in EU and 5th worldwide 3rd in the world for 4G availability
*OpenSignal, 2016