The production, repair, maintenance, assembly and selection of ships, parts and structures is a global market of EUR X million. Klaipėda is the only city in Lithuania capable of developing this activity, which makes it exceptionally high-quality and competitive in Europe and the world.

The companies that setlled down have provided indisputable advantage in guaranteeing success in the global market with the quality, attractive prices and sustainable development of its port. Ship repair, construction and technical services are provided by 46 companies. The Association, uniting 30 companies, have about 4,000 employees.

Companies in this sector

1st in
CEE for university-business collaboration in R&D*
*Global Competitiveness report 2016-2017
ranked employee motivation level in CEE countries*
*The IMD Talent Report, 2016
globally for ease of Doing Business*
*World Bank, Doing Business, 2018