Klaipėda - the right location for your Maritime supply chain SSC

It is home to the EU‘s most northerly ice-free port, providing unparalled links between Scandinavia, the CEE and China. Klaipėda has strong traditions and talent in the Maritime sector, a fast and reliable business infrastructure, and competitive cost to quality ratio for your office spaces - ticking all the boxes if you are looking for location for your shared service center (SSC).

Being in a geographical heart of Europe makes Klaipėda a very well connected bridge between East and West.

Klaipėda delivers you the multilingual talent you need to grow


people with higher education

Lithuanian Department of Statistics



Klaipėda citizens speak at least one foreign language

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biggest city among the Baltic States

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  • RU
  • SE
  • NO
  • DK
  • FI
  • ES
  • FR
  • IT
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youngest city in Lithuania

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Home to LCC University - a private international school: 70% foreign student population hails from countries as the USA, Germany, Hungary, Spain and more.

No 1

city for quality of life in Lithuania

Lithuanian Municipality index 2017

Want a better style of living at a cost you can afford? Klaipėda is waiting for you.



Lithuanian Department of Statistics




Students in law, finance, IT, languages and bussness management

Giving you room to grow and a great cost to quality ratio

A city with strong maritime industry traditions

Klaipėda's long history as transportation hub in connection to its established maritime university gave us the confidence we needed to establish a Shared Service Center in the city. We considered also the fight for talent was less intense in Klaipėda than in the Baltic capitals, ensuring better odds for recruiting and retaining good staff.

Svante Johansson
CFO Greencarrier AB


companies in maritime sector


people working in companies related to maritime industry in Lithuania



working in logistics and transport management


Academy and Klaipėda University drives these competencies


competent in

  • Customer support
  • Finances & Accounting
  • Maritime related services
  • Supply chain management
  • IT Support
  • Transport management

Companies in this sector

Lithuania is already a top destination for business services


Global Business Service centers



globally in fulfilling business needs for ICT

ICT World Competitiveness Yearbook, 2013



specialists in the industry



Ease of Doing Business

World Bank, Doing Business 2018



average employee age in SSCs in Lithuania



broadband speed in EU and 5th worldwide

OpenSignal, 2016



of SSCs cover more than 2 function


Member of:

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  • NATO
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