Klaipėda offers you a scheme of incentives that will help you secure and develop your business growth.

R&DKlaipėda FEZ
Up to 25% off investment to R&D infrastructure Real estate tax - 0% (up to 2045)
Up to 50% off R&D activities Corporation tax - 0% (10 years) and 7.5% (6 years)
Up to 50% off employee training Tax on dividends 0%
Corporation tax incentives are also applicable for service providers with capital investment >100.000 EUR and ≥20 employees

Smart FDI

Grants for development of new or significantly improved products, services or processes. You can also get funding for investment into R&D infrastructure, and activities related to process and organizational innovations.*

ActivityLarge CompanyMedium CompanySmall CompanyEffective Collaboration
Industrial research up to 50% up to 60% up to 70% (+) up to 15%
Experimental development up to 25% up to 35% up to 45% (+) up to 15%

*(Invest Lithuania) 

HR Training

Foreign companies can apply for funding for employees’ training and qualification as long as they have or are planning to have a base in Lithuania.*

Large CompanyMedium CompanySmall CompanyMicro-Enterprise
up to 50% up to 60% up to 70% up to 70%

*(Invest Lithuania)

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