Klaipėda is fast becoming a global city, and we need you to help push this trend forward. Maybe you have a vision for Klaipėda? Or maybe you are thinking of returning to Klaipėda and building your own business? We're inviting global Klaipėda citizens to join the Global Klaipėda network, where you can contact like minded people and share ideas. Join our network, and together let's create Klaipėda's future.

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Proud to be a Klaipėda citizen and ready to spread the good news about your city, help locate investors, and become more involved in the development of the region? Become an Ambassador for Klaipėda and share your advice and ideas on the your region. Plus you'll be helping to build a community of Global Klaipėda citizens in the country you live in and putting your home country and city on the map.

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Have an innovative, creative idea that you want to implement in Klaipėda? We're inviting the Global Klaipėda community to create for their hometown, so just tell us your suggestions and we will help you to implement it.

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