Exadel is a global software application development company providing innovative technology solutions to its clients. If you’re looking to grow your career in a dynamic environment rich with opportunity, Exadel has many exciting career choices. Currently, we are looking for a talented Senior JavaScript Developer to join our friendly team!

About the Customer:
You will be working with the Customer that owns and operates several of the most popular and award-winning brands in cable television in USA producing and delivering distinctive, compelling and culturally relevant content that engages audiences across multiple platforms.

About the Project:

Andrei, Lead Software Engineer: “The Customer asked us for a standalone web analytics application that could be used by Customer’s users as well as external interested party to get the information about the number of Impressions that would determine the advertising cost vs revenue. In addition to that, the client needed advanced forecasting solutions to create forecasts for the future.

Exadel lent a hand with developing a solution for creating different kinds of reports for TV channels. The solution developed by Exadel represents a set of platforms/applications.
The following characteristics show that the solution can be considered as a data integration platform:
-a number of data sources;
-a number of systems for data collection that are used for analysis;
-the output data are further used by other systems.

The solution comprises several services that are closely tied to one another.

1.Data analytics system
(Service that enables analyzing historical data related to advertisement spots consistent with selected segments).

Customers offer advertising agencies airing commercial films on their TV channels to target desirable audiences. All the data about the audience that was caught by commercials is being gathered by third-party meters. The third-party research provides insights into the approximate number of impressions of the commercials, thus the number of people who should have seen the ads. This analytical data can be used by the end-customer to audit the efforts, see how beneficial were advertising spots offered and find out what telecasts are worth running commercials on so that the customer can make the best decisions in planning and forecasting.

2. Broadcast planning
Service that schedules telecasts for the next year
An internal service for the internal users allows for scheduling the telecasts during the year.
Moreover, in the application, they can estimate how many people will watch certain telecasts.

3. Promotion Planning
Another algorithm-based service that places spots promoting the channels’ TV shows. The service uses the estimated schedule and launches an algorithm that places the advertising spots in the best possible way.

4. Commercial time marketplace/ business decision system
The service for both internal and external usage encompasses different internal data sources.
It enables not only creating custom segments across targeted viewership, setting targeting but also facilitates negotiating business for the end-customers with Customers without any third parties involved. Thus, it acts as a marketplace where parties can negotiate buying ad space. The rich functionality includes the possibility of editing existing schedules, changing input parameters, making comparisons, and, finally, choosing the most reasonable options.

5. Budget spend analysis/ planning solution
The service analyses spot performance. It provides insights into the figures related to the number of Impressions the promotional videos have. It includes information about both the ads on the client’s channels and those from digital sources and platforms as well.
Based on this data, the spend analysis is performed.

6. Data analytics system for digital platforms
It is currently in development. Users can subscribe to different channels with or without advertisements. The system provides an analysis of impressions for different digital platforms.

Oksana, Project Manager: “Our team provides BI Services with canned and Ad-Hoc Reporting features, complex Web Applications for researching and visualizing results of data mining and forecasting.
Team has a major influence on DWH Architecture and ETL processes approach in a growing and changing Data Warehouse.”

You will work with a powerful platform that represents a set of integrated applications and services! Building models on historical data and learning from a historical dataset makes it possible to analyze, plan and forecast the placing advertisements on TV.

Project Team:
1- Project Manager, 11- JS Developers, 16 -DWH, 3- QA Engineers; 2- DevOps Engineers

Knowledge of JavaScript (3 + years of experience);
Proven hands-on experience in Angular 2+ (Preferably Angular 8-9-10);
Experience with RxJS, NGRX, understanding of Redux principles;
Excellent coding skills;
Experience with performance issues solving;
A sense of the value of web standards, accessibility, and user experience;
Ability and desire to work as a part of a team;
3D visualization experience using WebGL/Three.js is a plus.

English level

Front-end development of the working project.
Writing new features, refactoring, writing documentation.
Communication with the Customer.

The salary
From 2200 EUR (net)

Why should you work with us?
As a successful, high-growth company, we know that our employees are critical to our success, that is why we encourage ingenuity, creativity, and teamwork as important elements to the growth of our business. We believe that career growth and business growth go hand in hand.

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