EXADEL is a global software application development company providing innovative technology solutions to its clients. If you’re looking to grow your career in a dynamic environment rich with opportunity, EXADEL has many exciting career choices.

We are looking for a motivated SENIOR JAVASCRIPT DEVELOPER to come and join our team of professionals! If you’re comfortable working in the front end, but just love Javascript and are probably happier creating clean architecture and intuitive business logic, we’re looking for you!

In this role, you’ll be joining an experienced team of Javascript developers focusing on cloud-based analytics products servicing many of the top brands around the world.

THE PROJECT is a Feedback Management Product. Now it needs to be supported. In short, it is a user-initiated feedback collection mechanism to evaluate client satisfaction on a web presence. With our implementation team, clients design Comment Cards (short surveys) and embed JavaScript on their web sites to pop the Comment Cards and collect feedback in addition to various as metadata from the website that provides context about their session on the site. The collected data can drive email alerts based on client-defined rules and ultimately review reports that are accessible in the self-service portal. Your team: 1 PM, 1 Technical Lead, 1 Python, 2 JS Developers, 1 .Net Developer, 1 Automation QA, 1 Manual QA.

THE CUSTOMER a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions. Today, over 10,000 organizations in more than 180 countries, including over 80 percent of the Fortune 100 companies and government agencies worldwide, use Customer’s Actionable Intelligence solutions to power their clients' engagement and cyber intelligence operations.

With over two decades of experience helping more than 10,000 organizations worldwide create lasting value, the Customer is a global leader in client engagement.

Moreover, the Customer is a leading global provider of security and intelligence data mining software. His Intelligence-Powered Security product portfolio is deployed in over 100 countries, helping government, critical infrastructure and enterprise organizations neutralize and prevent terror, crime and cyber threats. In other words, you will work with a technology innovator backed by amazing people!

3+ years’ experience in building large Javascript applications;
At least 2+ years of experience with Node.js;
Knowledge of frameworks available for Node.js (such as Express, Node-RED, Device.js, Cylon.js);
Knowledge of Authorization (passport.js, roles), OAuth2 protocol, Express.js / hapi.js / nest.js;
Experience with processes/threads, child_process, cluster;
Experience in NoSQL databases (including MongoDB) and RDBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, etc.);
Strong understanding of software best practices, data structures, algorithms, databases, and networks;
AWS knowledge is required (EC2, Lambda, RDS, Cloudwatch);
Knowledge of CI\CD: CircleCI/Jenkins;
Ability to troubleshoot problems & learn new things;
Passion for good quality code and developing tooling, processes and techniques for improving it.

Knowledge of Elasticsearch;
Experience with Terraform.


Bringing up-to-date expertise in front-end web technologies to the team, and applying this to the development, execution, and improvement of analytics tools;
Supporting continuous improvement of user experience tools, documentation, and process;
Supporting data collection strategy and innovation;
Designing public JavaScript API’s for use by the public;
Conceiving and presenting new ideas for the product roadmap;
Evaluating and implementing the latest tools and processes

As a successful, high-growth company, we know that our employees are critical to our success, that is why we encourage ingenuity, creativity, and teamwork as important elements to the growth of our business. We believe that career growth and business growth go hand in hand.

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