Currently, we are looking for an Automation QA to develop and execute exploratory and automated tests to ensure product quality. If you hold an engineering background and enjoy providing end-to-end solutions to software quality problems, we’d like to meet you.

Sergey, Lead Software Engineer:The Project is a cloud-based platform that uniquely combines a building environment that supports both visual and coding-based forms of development and a variety of back-end services that come with the platform. We help enterprises use this cloud-based platform for mobile apps development and are planning to make more Developer Options available for enterprises.

It is necessary to integrate third-party AI/ML services to this cloud-based platform to give a user an ability to use such services easily in their projects.

It should be much easier then to use just AWS or Google. On the other hand we want to give the ability to choose between the services and return the result in a unified format. So on the one hand user will have more freedom, on the other hand, there won't be a vendor-lock.

For example for Image Recognition the typical flow will be the following:
1. User opens the AI tab;
2. Creates a new Image Recognition service;
3. Imports this service to his project;
4. Imports plugin with an example of using the Image Recognition service.

The list of services we want to integrate:
1. Text to speech (Amazon Polly/Google Text-to-Speech/Azure Text to Speech);
2. Speech to text (Amazon Amazon Transcribe/Google Speech-to-Text/Azure Speech to Text);
3. NLP (Amazon Comprehend/Google Cloud Natural Language API/Azure Text Analytics);
4. Translation service (Amazon Translate/Google Cloud Translation API/Azure Translator Text);
5. Image Recognition basic (Amazon Rekognition/Google Cloud Vision API/Computer Vision);
6. Image Recognition advanced (Google AutoML Vision/Azure Custom Vision);
7. Face Recognition (Amazon Rekognition/Azure Face).

After we create these services we will need to develop a sophisticated chatbot app integrating text to speech, speech to text, NLP, translation services.

Our current technology stack:
1. Wildfly 15;
2. Java 11;
3. MongoDB;
4. RedisDB;”

Project Team: Project Manager, Project Owner, Team Lead, Back-end Engineer, Front-end Engineer, 1 QA,1 DevOps.

4+ years of experience in building and maintenance of automation frameworks;
Good knowledge of and experience with JavaScript;
Understanding asynchrony in Node.js (Event Loop, Node API and etc.);
Experience with REST API testing tools;
Experience with mobile testing tools;
Significant knowledge in test cases design techniques;
Understanding of test framework layers;
Experienced with tools for GUI testing (Selenium, Cypress and etc.);
Experience with Performance testing tools;
Hands on experience with NoSQL and in-memory data structure stores (Mongo or other);
Curiosity on how tools you use work under the hood;
Passion for testing and aspiration to deliver high-quality product;
Technical leadership and excellent communication skills;
Strong organizational skills.
Highly motivated, organized, creative team player.
English level:

Nice to have:
Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

Provide the best quality tests;
Create plans, test scenarios, test cases, and test reports;
Active participation in the software development process, cooperation with programmers, analysts, and administrators;
Develop and improve a set of methodologies, procedures, and tools used in the field of testing;
Execute and monitor the results of automated suites within the CI infrastructure;
Create technical and utility documentation;
Work with Jira (issues creation/verification);
Work as a team member and provide technical leadership on the project;
Bring energy and passion to your workday in and day out. Be strategic and tactical.

Flexible work schedule;
Friendly environment;
Medical insurance and compensated sick days (up to 30 workdays/year);
1 paid social vacation day;
Interesting projects and the possibility to work with innovative technologies;
Collaboration with a team full of interesting people

The salary
From 2200 EUR (net)

We’re waiting for you! Apply now!
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