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Currently, we are looking for an experienced development professional - AZURE LEAD ENTERPRISE SOFTWARE ENGINEER - to join our team of rocking and committed innovators! If you have a fully baked idea to assist creating next-level technology solutions that improve the way any business is run you will hit the bull’s eye coming aboard with us. Your hands-on knowledge in system design, application development, testing, and operational stability will help your team deliver high-quality products.

THE COMPANY, operating in over 150 countries, provides services to the business units in the areas of technology, sourcing, procurement, legal, finance, and accounting which includes our North American-Accounting Center. These global centers promote team collaboration using best practices around a specific focus area to drive results and enhance operational efficiencies. There is a constant endeavor to benchmark against best-in-class industry standards to improve the quality of deliverables, increase cost savings, enhance productivity and reduce time to market for products and applications.

Piotr, Senior DevOps Software Engineer:
“The Customer just delivered the Email Relay Service inside his company. At the end of the day the Customer delivers internal service that his clients can zoom to get whatever they need. First example: The Customer did Bulk Mail Service and he delivered service that had programmatic ways of provisioning bulk mail for clients. A Client wants to send 100s emails per day from no-reply There is a service that they can zoom, which is simple for them. There is an architectural side of it. There is the billing side of it.

Somewhere along the line, the Customer is going to have something called continuous service improvement. Services are going to be set up, new features are going to be added, Clients’ feedback, as well as Service Catalog, shall be added. The Catalog is mostly self-serviceable and automated.

The first Service was built in 2 weeks (pipeline, code, testing). Now the goal is to take more than 100 Services and to build them up. Some services are more complicated than others”.

Lead Solutions Architect, Lead Scrum Master, Middle Domain Engineer - Azure, Senior Domain Engineer - Azure, Middle Domain Engineer - AWS, Senior Domain Engineer - AWS, Lead Enterprise Architect, Senior Enterprise Architect, Lead Enterprise Architect - Cloud Security, Lead Enterprise Software Engineer.

Your primary focus will be to develop detailed code patterns and the automation to execute these patterns, to enable the delivery of technical components or solutions following a predefined set of business requirements and outcomes as specified by our Solution or Domain Architects. The outputs of the process will include all relevant code and detailed Low-Level Design that address the needs of the business. You will also work closely with Architecture and Operations to ensure all solutions are seamlesslyseamless transitioned from build to run.

About 5 years of IT Experience;
Experience in building and maintaining systems in Azure;
Experience with migrating data centre workloads Azure;
Good knowledge of CI/CD, Jenkins, Powershell;
Experience in implementing Azure cloud solutions using ARM;
Experience in implementing Azure cloud solutions using ASM;
Experience in leveraging version control systems to manage infrastructure as code;
Recent experience within the Design and implementation of complex, highly available and highly scalable solutions;
Familiarity with Server/Datacenter virtualization technologies such as VMWare, VMWare NSX and Hyper V;
Experience in configuring and implementing cloud storage solutions to meet varying demands;
Experience in implementing solutions that meet today’s Information Security requirements;
Experience in configuring Azure networks to integrate with MPLS;
Enterprise-wide architectural governance, architecture decisions, exceptions, standards, etc.;
Developing Foundational reusable technology components.


Excellent analytical and problem-solving abilities;
Excellent communication and presentation skills.


Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Management Information Systems, or a related field;
Technical Certificates to a specific technical domain, for example, Azure, Networking & Storage.
Ensure that solutions are being delivered are per standards of availability, scalability and security point of view and that are done on time with the highest quality;
Undertake analytical activities and deliver analysis outputs, following customer needs and conforming to agreed standards;
Maintain in-depth knowledge of the Azure cloud platform, provide detailed advice regarding their application and execute specialized tasks;
Specify user/system interfaces and translate logical designs into physical designs taking into account the target environment, performance security requirements, and existing systems;
Define test conditions for given requirements. Design test cases and create test scripts and supporting data, working to the specifications provided. Analyses and reports of test activities and results. Identify and report issues and risks;
Design Computing and communications equipment. Translate logical designs into physical designs and deliver technical prototypes of proposed components for approval by customer and execution by technicians;
Undertake routine installations and de-installations of items of hardware and/or software. Conduct tests of hardware and/or software using supplied test procedures and diagnostic tools. Documents details of all hardware/software items that have been installed and removed so that configuration management records can be updated.


Flexible work schedule;
Friendly environment;
Medical insurance and compensated sick days (up to 30 workdays/year);
1 paid social vacation day;
Interesting projects and possibility to work with innovative technologies;
Collaboration with a team full of interesting people.


From 2700 EUR. (Netto).

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