An ice-free port providing unparalled links between Scandinavia, the CEE and China. Rail and road connections that lay at the geographical heart of Europe. Looking for a business bridge between East and West? Look no further than Klaipėda. 

By Air
By Sea
By Road
By Railroad

3 international airports In Lithuania , all offering access to key European locations in 2-3 hours:
PLQ – 34 km - 10 destinations;
VNO – 310 km - 17 destinations;
KUN - 220 km - 49 destinations;
RIX – 282 km - 89 destinations

Klaipėda ice-free seaport is the largest port in the Baltic states, handling up to 65 million tons of cargo annually *

Immediate access to ferries and cargo ships


Center from where you can reach Minsk, Riga and Kaliningrad in 4-8 hours.

Rail cargo services directly connect Lithuania to Russia, Belarus, Latvia, Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Asia (including China)*

Container train to
Russia - 54 h
Ukraine - 55 h
China - 360 h

(*Source: Lithuanian Railways, 2015)

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